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About Us

David Bane grew up in central Illinois on a diversified livestock and grain farm where he learned from his parents about great food and sustainable agriculture. After obtaining two doctoral degrees from the University of Illinois and the University of Minnesota, David worked as a private veterinary practitioner, an associate professor at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, and a swine technical consultant for a pharmaceutical company. Eventually David was drawn back to his farming roots.
David and his wife, Susan, farm a small parcel of land in southeastern Champaign county. We decided about 17 years ago that the best use for the land was to produce the highest quality meat, poultry and eggs for our family , and for neighboring families. Our farm has evolved since we began, but we continually strive to produce meat and poultry products in a sustainable environment with the health and welfare of the animals as the primary focus. We produce delicious, pasture-raised foods for our family, and to the specifications of our customers with no antibiotics, no pesticides, nohormones, no synthetic additives and no GMO feeds.
Visitors are always welcome to the farm. We hope you will plan a trip to Bane Family Meats soon!

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